Bodhi Linux - Moksha/Enlightenment

The Ubuntu based Bodhi is built on top of the Ubuntu LTS releases featuring the Moksha Desktop (Enlightenment), offering modularity, high level of customisation and choice of themes. By default only Midori, Terminology, EFM, ePhoto and ePad applications are installed. More software is available thru the webbased AppCenter.

Bodhi 5.0 LTS 64bit download
SourceForge bodhi-5.0.0-64.iso 740 MB
Torrent bodhi-5.0.0-64.iso.torrent
MD5 8fceac7c39dac0ae2ea654ee095ba32e

Bodhi 5.0 LTS Legacy download
SourceForge bodhi-5.0.0-legacy.iso 760 MB
Torrent bodhi-5.0.0-legacy.iso.torrent
MD5 8f8f93483c1ce29c331aeb72cc1d698a

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