Linux Mint LMDE - Debian Edition

The modern, elegant, comfortable, powerful, reliable and safe Linux Mint is easy to use and works out of the box. It is on of the most popular desktop Linux distributions and the third most widely used home OS behind Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS. Linux Mint LMDE is targeted at experienced users and uses Debian instead of Ubuntu as package base.

Read about Linux Mint Main Edition (Ubuntu based) here.

Linux Mint LMDE3 Cinnamon 64bit download
Linux Mint LMDE 3 is based on Debian Stretch Stable.
Direct lmde-3-201808-cinnamon-64bit.iso 1.6 GB
Torrent lmde-3-201808-cinnamon-64bit.iso.torrent

Linux Mint LMDE3 Cinnamon 32bit download
Direct lmde-3-201808-cinnamon-32bit.iso 1.6 GB
Torrent lmde-3-201808-cinnamon-32bit.iso.torrent

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